What's difference between ladder lift truck and Aerial lift truck?

The ladder lift truck equip with ladder system, mainly used for project rental, waterproof materials lifting, moving company, cement stone moving, construction materials lifting, construction rubbish transport, ship repair, road and bridge maintaining and so on.While Aerial lift truck equip with boom system, mainly used for people lifting operation like public lighting; roofing and gutter cleaning; building construction and maintenance; industrial installations; safety inspections; window washing and repair; orchard and tree surgery; electrical line work; events and entertainment installations.

What wet shotcrete machine mainly used for?

The wet shotcrete machine is mainly used for tunnel construction like water conservancy and hydropower, railway, highway and so on. the machine function is spraying wet concrete. JIUHE has two type, engineering chassis type and truck mounted type, the former is very flexible in different direction moving, while latter is convenient to move between different jobsites.

How to choose concrete placing boom?

For concrete placing boom is good partner for trailer concrete pump or concrete line pump, the pump responsible for supply wet concrete from ground to certain floor, the concrete placing boom responsible for placing concrete to certain place in certain floor. For concrete placing boom, we have three types, spider type, wheel type, climbing type.both spdier and wheel have 15m and 17m, wheel type as have wheel easy to move in jobsite. for climbing type, we have 28m to 33m. max. model customized ever did 52M. choose which model closely related with what project you will use us to let our sales manager to recommend you suitable model based on your situation.

How to choose concrete pump?

As to concrete pump, we have trailer type, truck mounted type, truck mounted with boom system type. the above machine price level is from low to high, former two can pumping concrete, while the last one can not only pump but also place concrete, concrete pumping capacity vary from 30m3/h to 180m3/h. various model to meet your different construction project need. If interested, contact us for machine detail.

What is the production time?

Most of the order within 15 days after receiving prepayment, while mainly depends on your quantity and our present production plan.

What is your product?

Trailer Concrete pump, Truck mounted concrete pump (concrete line pump), concrete pump truck, Concrete placing boom, wet shotcrete truck, wet shotcrete machine, ladder lift truck, Aerial lift truck and so on.